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    We are more than just fast food!

    Yes, at Pita Principle we provide a pretty quick meal to our customers. But it doesn’t stop there. We provide the best pitas and subs you can find in Boca Raton. Our quality meals have customers coming back for more than our speed. With a streak of 20 years, the party never stops!

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    At Pita Principle, we only use the freshest ingredients on the market. With new produce weekly along with the best Gyro meat, chicken, beef, and pork one can find, our ingredients are simply the best. Our subs come with 100% Boars Head meat and a fresh variety of toppings. Our food rocks, there is just no other way to put it. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself!

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    We’re more than freaky fast when it comes to delivering to your doorsteps. And there are no extra fees for delivering.

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Fresh off the grill with lettuce, onion, tomato!

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